Appiah Law provides strategic advice and advocacy to employers.

Appiah Law provides strategic advice and advocacy to employers of all sizes who require assistance to support, motivate and manage their most important resource – their employees. We take the time to understand our clients’ needs and goals, and strategize to minimize liability, ensure long-term success, and maintain a viable and cohesive team of staff.

We focus on providing practical and effective solutions to varying challenges so that employers can achieve their broader business objectives. On behalf of employers, we:

  • draft agreements or policies that confirm performance expectations and standards of conduct, employee compensation, or separation terms;
  • provide advice to assist with legislative compliance;
  • offer strategies for effective performance management and employee relations;
  • manage medical leaves of absence and disability claims (including WSIB appeals);
  • guide responses to requests for accommodation or complaints of harassment;
  • represent employers in claims of human rights breaches, wrongful dismissals, constructive dismissals, or other breakdowns in employment relationships;
  • conduct independent workplace investigations; and
  • enforce breaches of confidentiality, non-solicitation and non-competition obligations.

We understand the negative consequences of protracted conflict on recruitment, retention, employee morale, and productivity, not to mention our clients’ bottom-line. For that reason, we place a priority on minimizing workplace conflicts through proactive thinking and carefully crafted human resource policies and systems. When conflicts do arise, we exercise sound judgment to identify creative solutions so that our clients can focus on their bigger picture. If a quick resolution is not possible or a principled stand is required, we will not shy away from a fight.

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