Appiah Law supports employees throughout their employment relationship.

Appiah Law supports employees at all stages of their employment relationship, from recruitment to separation. We also offer a compassionate ear and an experienced hand to manage challenging or even unhealthy workplaces. When it’s necessary for our clients to take assertive action to enforce their rights, we represent them in negotiations or litigation.

We know the law, but we will not treat you as a “text-book” case. Instead, we’ll listen to you to understand your unique situation and offer practical solutions tailor-made for you. These are some examples of matters we assist with:

  • term sheets and offers of employment;
  • complex compensation terms (such as short- and long-term incentive plans, stock option plans, performance/restricted stock unit plans; and pension plans);
  • severance packages;
  • wrongful dismissals;
  • constructive dismissals;
  • human rights and accommodation;
  • confidentiality, non-solicitation and non-competition obligations;
  • workplace harassment, sexual harassment and violence;
  • poisonous workplaces;
  • workplace investigations;
  • discrimination claims; and
  • exit strategies.

Courts throughout Canada have recognized the power imbalance favouring employers over employees. To protect your legal rights, contact us for a consultation.

Appiah Law will answer the questions that matter to you.

We have the expertise to help you navigate the challenges that affect your work-life. Contact us today!