About Gurjot Grewal

Gurjot Grewal, an Associate Lawyer at Appiah Law | Employment + Labour Counsel, is a dedicated professional driven by a passion for justice and a strong commitment to providing exceptional legal services. Her diverse range of professional experiences adds immense value to our esteemed firm.

Prior to joining Appiah Law, Gurjot completed her legal training as an articling student at a reputed employment law firm in Toronto where she honed her skills in labour, employment and human rights law while simultaneously preparing for and clearing her bar exams. Thereafter, she worked as an associate lawyer at a boutique employment law firm in Toronto. During her time there, Gurjot handled a wide array of complex legal matters, representing both employers and employees in wrongful dismissals; layoffs; workplace harassment claims; workplace discrimination claims; and workplace accommodation matters.

Gurjot’s passion for employment law was sparked during her time in one of India’s oldest and most prestigious faculties of law. This fascination led her to pursue a career dedicated to advocacy. In addition to being licensed to practice law in Ontario, Gurjot is also admitted to practice law in India. Before coming to Canada in 2022, she spent several years representing clients at the provincial appellate court in Chandigarh, gaining profound knowledge of the Indian legal system and its intricacies. During her time in India, Gurjot successfully represented government employees in matters relating to recruitment, termination of employment and enforcement of conditions of service.

Driven by a deep sense of justice, Gurjot is committed to providing comprehensive and strategic legal services to clients. She approaches every matter with empathy, respect, and a solutions-oriented mindset. Gurjot believes in the power of transparent communication and works closely with clients to ensure they understand the legal process, their options, and the potential outcomes.

Outside of her legal practice, Gurjot enjoys spending time with friends, enjoying invigorating workouts at the local gym, and exploring different places through travel. Fluent in Punjabi and Hindi (and able to provide legal advice in both languages), she embraces her multicultural background and fosters strong connections with diverse communities.

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